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Purchasing and Documentation Procedures for Buyers Residing Abroad
Accomplish Managen Development Corporation’s (MDC) BUYER’s DATA SHEET and return through fax or e-mail. Note that “Name to be Indicated on TCT” must be written exactly as it should appear on the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT).
Choose a lot. A subdivision plan can be viewed on our website ( or may be sent to you via e-mail or fax upon request from MDC.
A sample computation for your chosen lot will be sent to you.
Decide on your preferred payment terms. Provide MDC a signed OFFER TO PURCHASE together with a reservation fee of PhP20,000.00.
Upon receipt of the reservation fee, MDC will send through courier the CONTRACT TO SELL which should be signed by person whose name will appear on the TCT. The CONTRACT TO SELL must be attested by the Philippine Consulate office nearest to the place where the document is signed.
The signed and attested CONTRACT TO SELL must be returned to MDC within thirty (30) days after payment of reservation fee (to allow for mailing and consularization), together with the remittance of the remaining down payment or first installment, whichever is applicable
Payment of balance or first installment, depending on the payment option agreed upon, must be made within thirty (30) days after the payment of reservation fee.
Installment payments may be remitted through MDC accredited banks or through other remittance agencies or by sending MDC post-dated checks.
For queries, MDC may be contacted through:
Dagupan Office Tel/Fax: +63(75) 523-0203
Managen Development Corp E-mail:
San Marino Place E-mail:
San Marino Place Web Site:

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